Post Breach Remediation


the process of improving or correcting a situation.

Post Breach Remediation

Having your core IT infrastructure impacted by a breach of any kind can potentially leave your IT systems inaccessible and your business struggling to operate.

With the average downtime exceeding 16 days and the average cost of a data breach being $3.86 million as of 2020, getting the business operational again is imperative.
CyberClan’s portfolio of Incident Response offerings includes our Post Breach Remediation Services which has been specifically designed to restore critical business operations as quickly as possible. This service includes:

  • Triage and assess the level of damage
  • Isolate assets and contain the environment
  • Develop a plan and evaluate priorities
  • Provide technical resources to aid the recovery of data
  • Rebuild and restore critical systems and infrastructure in any environment

Restoration of Critical Systems

CyberClan is able to help resume your business operations while our Incident Response team handles the security breach. Our specialist team of Post Breach Remediation professionals aid your company in restoring all critical IT functions and network infrastructure to ensure that your business is up and running as quickly as possible, minimizing downtime and reducing business interruption costs.

We are able to guide or assist configuring the network to ensure a safe “landing zone” and recover systems using tried and tested processes to recover services such as; Active Directory, MS Exchange and Point of Business applications such as payroll and ERP systems.

Onsite or Remote

Our team is able to coordinate and execute remediation efforts both remotely or on premise regardless of geographical location. This means that we are able to start recovery efforts as quickly as possible, as well as, having the ability to dispatch the appropriate system restoration experts to assess your immediate business needs and to re-build necessary IT systems according to your priorities.

A Tailored Approach

Each situation is assessed individually. We work alongside your team to ensure that you are confident with the methodology and best practice approach we take with our Restoration activities, ensuring that the restored systems are safe from cross-contamination. CyberClan are also able to offer and implement recommendations to keep your business secure, so that you can resume business activity and reduce the risk of being breached in the future.

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