Employee Spotlight – Episode 8

Meet Nick Hathaway, a Security Engineer with CyberClan! Everyone we welcome into this company has a story and we are so proud of the work they do, not only to

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Employee Spotlight – Episode 7

What a fascinating career Jovianna brings to us, from working in the legal industry to getting excited about cybersecurity and figuring how the two could combine to really change her

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Employee Spotlight – Episode 6

Meet one of our newest team members, Penny Cooper, Junior SOC Analyst! With each new Employee Spotlight we do, we learn what a diverse and fun team we are building.

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Incidentally In the News: FireEye and SolarWinds

The last week has been one of speculation, revelation, and a lot of reporting on the cyber breach discovered at FireEye and subsequently SolarWinds.  If you aren’t in cybersecurity, some

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Is There a Shortage of Cybersecurity Talent, or are Companies Setting Unrealistic Expectations, Limiting Whom They View as Qualified?

The Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) recently released a report which said that there is a void of cybersecurity talent worldwide, with approximately 3.1 million professionals needed within the

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Employee Spotlight – Episode 5

Meet one of our newest team members, Ymara Magloire, Junior Security Engineer! With a unique background of an undergraduate degree in cybersecurity and an MBA in International Business, Mara brings

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Employee Spotlight – Episode 4

This week we meet Tyler Green, Senior Security Engineer. Tyler has been with CyberClan since March 2020 and has had the pleasure to work across many areas of the business.

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Employee Spotlight – Episode 2

Meet Michael Daggett, a Business Development Manager with CyberClan! A 27-year veteran of the Air Force, Mike brings charisma, dedication, and a genuine desire to listen to and empathize with

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Podcast: Information Security with CTO Larry Whiteside, Jr.

Episode Summary During Cybersecurity Awareness Month we received several questions on a host of topics and are happy to bring some follow up answers to our audience. This week we

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How Should We Think About the Internet of Medical Things

The term, Internet of Things (IoT), was first coined in 1999 by an executive at Procter & Gamble who was trying to gain momentum for new RFID technology.  It wasn’t

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Why is Healthcare Particularly Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

While it’s widely reported that healthcare isn’t necessarily targeted any more than other industries, the complications for the industry are compounded by many things including the COVID-19 crisis, the increase

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Election Day: The Cyber Threat Few are Talking About

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) via the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA) has set up a virtual war room to remain alert and on the lookout for suspicious

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