Incidentally In the News: FireEye and SolarWinds

The last week has been one of speculation, revelation, and a lot of reporting on the cyber breach discovered at FireEye and subsequently SolarWinds.  If you aren’t in cybersecurity, some of the terminology may cause confusion or simply paint only a partial picture of what is going on behind the scenes.  Join us on this episode of Incidentally In the News to get a layman’s guide to some of the major terminology being used in both mainstream and business media.

Knowledge Base

Is There a Shortage of Cybersecurity Talent, or are Companies Setting Unrealistic Expectations, Limiting Whom They View as Qualified?

The Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) recently released a report which said that there is a void of cybersecurity talent worldwide, with approximately 3.1 million professionals needed within the

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Podcast: Information Security with CTO Larry Whiteside, Jr.

Episode Summary During Cybersecurity Awareness Month we received several questions on a host of topics and are happy to bring some follow up answers to our audience. This week we

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