Employee Spotlight – Episode 14

In this week’s Employee Spotlight, Natlee Green, CyberClan’s Global Director of Human Resources, takes the time to talk to; Dana Hedges, Client Success Manager, Gloria Tan, Cyber Risk Analyst and Meg Hasham, Human Resource Generalist.

They discuss what it is like for women working in cybersecurity and what they “Choose to Challenge” as women, in life and in their careers.

Knowledge Base

Incidentally Informed – How to Achieve Cyber Resilience in Today’s Threat Landscape

The number of vendors providing some sort of technology to protect against or detect threats is growing daily. However, breaches still occur at an even more frequent rate than ever.

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What is Pass-The-Cookie Website Exploitation?

Written By Hannah Golding What is a Website Vulnerability? An attacker will first discover a vulnerability, then attempt to exploit it to gain a foothold within the host. Most commonly,

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Incidentally Informed – Effective Restoration After a Cyber Attack

During this webinar, we discussed the topic of effective restoration after a cyberattack. We looked at this from the point of view of the Post Breach Remediation team, Legal and

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