CyberClan offers its customers a free Warranty up to $2 million cover, depending on the services provided, in the event of a network breach that is fully managed by CyberClan.


Basic: EDR – only for up to 1,000 endpoints

Enhanced: EDR, SIEM/UEBA and online Vulnerability Management tool for up to 5,000 endpoints

Complete: Enhanced, Email security, MFA, Vulnerability management Program and Security Awareness Training for up to 10,000 endpoints





For each annual year of our services, the warranty applies if a third party obtains unauthorized access to your network via a protected endpoint under our control and which results in unauthorized malicious exfiltration, loss or destruction of data with a value of more than $8,000 if we failed in our service to protect that data.

The warranty caps are shown in CAD but will apply in applicable local currency dependant on the country of the client’s domicile.

We will cover the cost of remediation through our incident response team and cover your legal fees for defending any third-party claims that exceed the costs we would ordinarily have charged for forensic incident response and which do not exceed the applicable cap in total. A client must subscribe to a fully managed security service for its entire network to obtain the benefit of the warranty for periods of 12 months or more. We must be able to have complete disclosure of all endpoints and any upgrades or changes to the entire environment.

Taking our services and warranty could result in your insurance broker or insurance provider, giving you a better range of cyber insurance cover and a lower premium.

This warranty program is in addition to many other key attributes that make CyberClan an easy choice for a Managed Security partnership:

  • Easy payment terms (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • Fixed costs across the life of the contract
  • Global security team providing a 15-minute response time in event of a breach

CyberClan can also offer additional guidance and offerings to further reduce security risk posture and you may save on cyber insurance premiums:

  • Virtual CISO Program
  • Next-Generation Firewall with UTM
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
  • Secure Network Architecture Assessment
  • Zero-Day Mitigation Controls
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Risk Management Services
  • Penetration Testing (Network and Web-Based)
  • Secure Data Backup Audit
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