Incidentally In The News – Discussing Roles in Cybersecurity

In this episode, we teamed up with Larry Whiteside Jr, Chief Technology Officer and Jay Jay Davey, Tier II SOC Analyst, to discuss the different roles available in cyber and the different ways you can enter the industry.

Both Larry and Jay Jay actively mentor those looking to get into the industry and offer their top advice for those looking at a career in this diverse field.

For more information regarding mentorship please visit the below websites: 

The International Consortium of Minority Cyber Professionals (ICMCP):

Cyber Mentor Dojo:

Knowledge Base

Radius to Secure Your Corporate Network Using EEE 802.1x

Written by Morris Johnson By executing 802.1x on your network, you can greatly reduce the risk of your data and equipment being affected by a cyberattack. The IEEE 802.1x protocol

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Why a LAPS Solution Can Help to Further Secure Your Network and How to Install It

Written by Charlie Stubbs What is Microsoft LAPS? Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) acts as a password manager for Active Directory (AD). It ensures that all local administrators have unique

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The Importance of Change Management and Why it is Critical to Business Systems Security and Maintenance

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