Foresight: A prospectus on the future of cybersecurity

Sophocles never could have imagined just how right he was when he said those ominous words in 450 BC. And though millennia would pass before the vast discoveries in human history were made, from Albert Einstein’s E=mc2 to Nikola Tesla’s radio waves, his foresight about the curses that would ultimately accompany so many of them was spot on.

As 2020 has come into view and we look forward to the future while still facing so many uncertainties in the world at large, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on how CyberClan got to where we are today and where we will be going in the future. We knew this wouldn’t be a simple task of sharing our growth as a company in size, geographic locations, and services. We wanted to go beyond that, beyond just the culture of technology and the internet, and into the hearts and minds of our people, our clients, and the business community.

Releasing a prospectus on who we are as a company, where we believe the industry might go, and how critical we think the solutions in the future will be is a weighty task. Ultimately, we truly believe in the importance of Enterprise Security and the Human Response that is required to ensure it. We encourage you to join us on this journey and learn more about us, and more importantly learn more about you and the future of our collective security.

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