Tests de vulnérabilité et de pénétration

Tests de vulnérabilité et de pénétration

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CyberClan’s vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is a simulated cyber security test conducted against your network infrastructure, cloud services, web applications and/or smart phones to check for all possible exploitable vulnerabilities using open-source, commercial-grade, custom scripts and/or even zero-day exploits available in the market place. When discussing cyber security, the terms Red Team and Blue Team are often mentioned. Long associated with the military, these terms are used to describe teams that use their skills to imitate the attack techniques that “enemies” might use, and other teams that use their skills to defend. In cyber security, there is not much difference.

Our Red Team / Blue Team engagements include the deployment of two independent teams where the Red Team will conduct an advance tactical simulated attack of your systems, network, application more through the eyes of an adversary with advance capabilities and resources. The team will identify all options for an adversary, conducting real-time attacks with the goal to break and/or breach your system. Our team is comprised of key members with different backgrounds and specific skill sets hired to deliver the most advance attacks, tactics and techniques. Our Blue Team of highly skilled incident responders who may manage your cyber security 24/7/365 will actively identify, assess, respond and contain all Red Team intrusions in real-time. The Blue Team will leverage defensive capabilities to slow down the attacker, investigate intrusions quickly and mitigate the targeted attack.

Social engineering relies heavily on human interaction and often involves manipulating people into breaking normal security procedures and best practices in order to gain access to systems or networks. Security is about knowing who and what to trust. The same is true of online interactions — When do you trust that the website that you are using is legitimate? How do you ensure an email is coming from a trusted source? Our Social Engineering Simulations help you prepare for these types of attacks by simulating advance manipulation techniques – from conducting a targeted phishing exercise to a vishing attack (voice call).

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