Cyber: relating to the culture of computers and information technology

Clan: a group of people with a strong common interest

Our growing family of brilliant talent who operate within both our real-world and virtual walls are guided by a singular shared mission: To make the online world a safer and more secure place by delivering sophisticated cybersecurity solutions in a highly personalized — and human — way.

You will not find a better team in this business — period. From each Executive to every Security Analyst and Project Manager, the individuals who define CyberClan are always on call and ready to provide you with a client experience second to none. Our human capital is critical which is why we’ve built a diverse team led by executive leadership built for growth and stability.  From corporate operations and strategy, to security operations, business development and channel relations, as well as human resources, talent acquisition and education, our team is deeply connected while remaining focused on providing best in class services.


Richard D’souza

Chief Executive Officer

Executive Team

Mark Bowers

Chief Legal and Strategy Officer

Kadir Levent

Chief Experience Officer

Dat Thrower

Global Director of Operations

Sugandha Sood

Financial Controller

Jobina Tsang

Global Director of Human Resources

Senior Leadership Team

Suleyman Salih

Interim Head of MSS/RMS Sales

Mikel Pearce

Director of Business Development North America & UK

Dwayne Robinson

Global Director of Incident Response

Chris Halling Brown

Global Director of Post Breach Remediation

Natalie Trotter

Global Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance

Tim Woods

Head of Security Operations

Paulo Baptista

Senior Manager of Risk Management Services

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