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Leveraging the human experience to respond with foresight

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About Us Introduction to CyberClan

CyberClan provides enterprise security, and a human response to small and midsize enterprises and channel partners through comprehensive risk assessment services, 24/7/365 managed detection and response services, and lightning-fast breach response. Formerly known as Network Test Labs established in Canada and specializing in vulnerability assessments and penetration testing in the gaming industry, CyberClan has grown from three employees in 2006 in one market to over 115 employees with clients in nine countries and offices in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States as a leading Managed Security Services Provider.

Our mission is to make the online world a safer and more secure place by delivering sophisticated cybersecurity solutions in a highly personalized — and human — way.

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Foresight: A prospectus on the future of cybersecurity

Sophocles never could have imagined just how right he was when he said those ominous words in 450 BC. And though millennia would pass before the vast discoveries in human

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Podcast: Has the number of data privacy cybersecurity incidents risen during this crisis?

Has the number of data privacy cybersecurity incidents risen during this crisis? Has the response changed? Tune into this episode of Incidentally to hear from John Merchant with Optio Insurance

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Common Cyber Attacks Explained

ICYMI, today in social media we polled our audience on what common cyber attacks they are most concerned about.  While most of our followers are familiar with these terms, we

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Cyber Services

Risk Assessment Services

Risk Assessment Services

Foresight is defined as the ability to predict what will happen or be needed in the future. Our services assist your organization in identifying vulnerabilities, building the appropriate security architecture, and strengthening your most effective firewall — the human one.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

We offer a state-of-the-art virtual Security Operations Center and around the clock human monitoring and threat detection to keep your enterprise safe, all while remaining technology agnostic.

Incident Response Services

Incident Response Services

Of course, even the most formidable security systems can still be breached. That’s why we bring together the best of human and artificial intelligence to respond to attacks within 15 minutes, thereby mitigating losses and getting you back in business quickly.

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